Michael R. Crowley

President for Development, EMHS Foundation

Michael Crowley joined the EMHS Foundation team in 1996. He hit the ground running and continues to bring an incredible amount of enthusiasm to everything he is involved with. During his tenure at Charities, Michael has incorporated some of the unique characteristics of seven separate health services into one fundraising and community health advocacy organization. Michael’s energy and excitement for community service and goodwill has helped him growEMHS Foundation  by expanding giving options, capital campaigns, volunteer programs, and support services.


The road to here
Growing up in the small town of Millinocket, Maine Michael learned about community spirit and the importance of hometown pride. The values he learned in the heart of the Katahdin Region continue to influence his life personally and professionally.

Michael has worn many hats in his long and highly respected career, all of them focused on the betterment of community. As executive director of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, Michael represented more than 900 businesses in 21 communities. During his association with the University of Maine, he was director of the annual fund and vice president for Alumni Fundraising. During a brief venture outside his home state, Michael served as director of Annual Funds for Quincy College in Quincy, Illinois. When Michael saw an opportunity return home, he returned to Maine and quickly became involved with various business and community activities. A past mayor for the City of Bangor, Michael remains active in his community, serving on a variety of boards including; Literacy Volunteers of America, The American Red Cross Disaster Fund, and the Boy Scouts of America. Michael was also instrumental in the success of the National Folk Festival.

Guiding principle
The guiding principle behind Michael Crowley’s mission is to ensure that EMHS Foundation continues its part in maintaining and improving the health and well-being of the people of Maine through nonprofit community service.

Proudest accomplishments
At the heart of each day in Michael’s personal and professional life is finding one new way to help people make a difference in the lives of others; in doing so, he finds personal fulfillment. To make this happen, Michael is fortunate to work with what he calls “the best and the brightest people in our region.” He is currently involved with programs that offer scholarships to Maine students, attract economic development to a challenged region, and expand accessibility to working class artists. But it’s his unwavering commitment t o strengthening the quality and accessibility of healthcare to all Maine people in which he can take the greatest pride!

What he’s trying to do

Connect the dots – bringing ideas, people, and resources together in unconventional ways to solve problems and build a new future in this part of Maine— that’s Michael’s objective. It sounds like a lofty goal, but it is practical in his experience, relationships shaped over the past twenty-five years in development, and in his sincerity of purpose and love of people.

If you haven’t met Michael yet, you may test our experience and opinion by contacting him for a confidential discussion on how you can help make a difference, too!

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