• Meet Eunice Spooner: The Value of Having a Patient and Family Advisory Group

  • Meet Holly Warman: Wellness Coordination in Action

Stories of our Patient's Experience

EMHS is providing the difference in care. We are improving the patient experience and population health of Maine people with chronic diseases through care coordination and patient engagement. Please read and watch the following stories and share.

The Difference in Care - EMHS Beacon Health, 2015

Beacon Health is aptly named a pioneer–blazing new trails is a daily occurrence! Just four years into our healthcare delivery transformation and wow are we making progress.
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Meet Cathi Moore: Every day is a new day to make a difference.

When Cathi Moores, a nurse with nearly 30 years’ experience, saw a nurse care coordinator job posted, she didn’t hesitate to apply. “The program is a belief in people. We do things for a reason, but are afforded the flexibility to reach patients the way that works for them.”

Meet Eunice Spooner: The Value of Having a Patient and Family Advisory Group

Everything we do, we do for a reason and that reason is you, our patient.
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Meet Holly Warman: Wellness Coordination in Action

“I had a health scare that happened so gradually that I didn’t even realize I was sick. I was totally supported through the emergency department, hospital, and back home. With continued coaching and coordination, I’ve lost more than 30 pounds. I’m back to living!” Click here to watch her video testimonial.
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Meet Donna Kinney: National Diabetes Month holds Special Significance for one TAMC Employee this November

The nation marks National Diabetes Month in November and for one Presque Isle woman, the occasion holds special significance. Donna Kinney will be celebrating the fact that she is no longer insulin dependent for the first time in over a decade.       

Meet Neil Gumprecht: The Retirement Years are Looking More Promising

Neil Gumprecht is no stranger to diabetes; he’s been living with it for nearly two decades and to be honest it was starting to control his life. Neil, retired Air Force security officer, thought he was bullet proof even with the disease. He took his insulin and went about his life without giving it much more thought. That approach however has caught up with him as he grew older and less active. He started putting on weight and his diabetes started causing problems and greatly affecting his quality of life.
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Meet Allissa Ward: "I Needed Someone to Hold Me Accountable"

Allissa Ward is a CNA at Eastern Maine Medical Center. She works on the respiratory floor and can truly appreciate the needs of her patients as she has lived with asthma since she was a little girl. Her breathing has grown more difficult over the years to the point that she could no longer climb the stairs at work and playing with her children was difficult. 

Meet Joseph Lockhart: When His Doctor Suggested Care Coordination, It Changed His Life

Seventy-one year old Joseph Lockhart isn’t a push over. In fact, he refers to himself as contrary and isn’t going to do something just because someone told him to. He was born and raised in Canada just on the other side of Easton, one of seven children. “We were poor farming family, but happy. I grew up during a time when friends and family all worked together.

Meet Ralph Grant

Ralph Grant still loves to cut down trees on his 20 acres in Bucksport. He drags them to his shed with a tractor where he cuts and splits them for firewood – three chords all by himself every year. The nature of his work kept him quite busy so he didn’t really pay too much attention to his diet or the wonderful baked goods his wife makes. “When they told me I had diabetes I went right into denial,” he admits.

Meet Gerry Blodgett: He’s a Fighter and a Go Getter!

Gerry Blodgett is truly one of a kind; his personality barely fits inside his six foot four inch frame. Folks from all over Maine and beyond know him as Gerry B or the Moose Whisperer. “I’m a modern day Daniel Boone!” he exclaims.      
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Meet Harry Estes: Care Coordination Made ALL the Difference

Eighty-one year old Harry Estes isn’t happy about one thing. “They won’t let me drive right now, not my car, motorcycle, or my lawn mower.” And frankly, that’s okay with his wife Shirley.

Meet Barbara Davis: Learning to Put Herself First

If you were ever in need of a social worker, Barbara Davis would be a good ally. She spends her days between Augusta and Skowhegan helping dozens of clients of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Meet Ed Handscom: They Didn’t Think He’d Make it Through the Night

Ed Handscom is one of Caratunk, Maine’s 100 year-round residents. The 52 square mile town is a recreational area for snowmobilers and rafters who want a thrill ride down the Kennebec River.       

Meet the Warren Family: Sometimes It Takes a Community

Sheila Warren is a very private mom of two young boys. Her family does not come from a lot of money and they struggle like many of our friends and neighbors do with paying for the necessities of life. Yet, the Warrens are first in line to support local fundraisers for people in need.

Meet the Inland farmer's Market: It’s the Next Best Thing to Growing Your Own!

Every Tuesday afternoon around three, you’ll see pockets of Inland employees start heading outside towards the Human Resource parking lot. A white tent is set up with crates full of just picked fruits and vegetables from South Paw Farm in Unity. The rich colors and aroma of fresh mint and dill are enough to make you hungry!

Meet Otis Small: Having Faith is Key to Better Health

Otis Small is on a first name basis with Cynthia Herrick, his nurse care coordinator. “She changed my life, I get the care I need at a time that works for me,” explains Otis. At 82 years old, he has plenty of things he still wants to do, like take his wife, of 55 years, out to dinner.

Meet Jennilyn Ogilivi: Teamwork is the Difference

Helping people access the right care, at the right time, and place is the primary way EMHS is making a difference for thousands of Mainers. Jennilyn Ogilivi is proof that house calls are sometimes in order.

Meet Norma Bonney: Sometimes an In-home Visit Makes All the Difference

Norma Bonney needed some intense intervention. A pattern was starting that had her provider and nurse care coordinator at EMMC’s Husson Internal Medicine concerned.

Meet Judy Hennessey: Building a Healthy, Happy, and Productive Workforce… One Employee at a Time

Judy Hennessey knew she was overweight and that her quality of life was suffering, but she didn’t know where to start to turn things around. That changed in January of 2013 when EMHS enhanced their employee health plan and added health coaching.

Meet the Northeast Cardiology Associates: A Community of Care Model for Matters of the Heart

“When a primary care provider has done all they can for a heart patient with medications and education it may be time to consider more specialized care from a cardiologist,” shares Iyad Sabbagh, MD, EMMC’s Husson Internal Medicine.

Meet Stan Guilmette: Smooth Transitions of Care and the Support of Care Coordination Made All the Difference!

If you were to see Stan Guilmette out working in his garden or kayaking and fishing you’d never know he had emergency open heart surgery and nearly lost his life. “One day I just happened to ask him how he was feeling and he said he was getting dizzy from time to time,” explains Debbie Guilmette, Stan’s wife who is also an NP.
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Meet the Brophy Family: We Can Feel a Difference in Our Home… There’s More Joy

The Brophy family of Deer Isle knows a thing or two about hard work and living paycheck to paycheck. They also know the importance of family and taking care of one another.
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Meet Jill Smith: The Difference is the Support When I Came Home

Do you know how much coverage your health plan offers? When EMHS partnered with the Geisinger health plan, as our third party administrator (TPA), a great new benefit was added that is making a real difference for many of our peers and their families across our system.

Meet the TAMC Community Paramedicine: Blazing a New Path in Patient Care

Did you know Maine is one of only three states in the country to pilot a community paramedine program? What is that, you ask?

Meet Debbie Grover: Paving the Way to Success

Sandra Anderson, from Frankfort, is getting some last minute instructions before heading home after knee replacement surgery at EMMC. Supporting patients during their discharge from an EMHS hospital is the job of Transitions of Care nurses, like Debbie Grover.

How does care coordination benefit patients?

Patients living with a chronic illness will have a nurse who will help coordinate and monitor care between appointments, and many will see an improvement in the quality of their daily life. In addition, patients will be encouraged and shown how to be more active participants in their health and healthcare.
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Welcome to the EMHS Difference in Care, 2014

“Ensuring the people of Maine have access to quality healthcare no matter where in the state they are located. To someone with diabetes, access can mean a care coordinator to help manage their blood sugar; to a parent with a sick child, access can mean a pediatrician who returns a call in the middle of the night; and to someone in very rural Maine, topnotch care via telehealth is welcome access.”
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