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Community Benefits Reports

Through public health screenings, professional and community education, public transportation programs, and charity care, EMHS and its member organizations are working to make a difference in your community. Everyday, EMHS invests in these resources so that the people of Maine can benefit from the best medical practices and healthcare services available. These community benefits reflect the nonprofit mission of the EMHS member organizations.

Starting the winter of 2008, EMHS began posting a series of community benefit reports to the public here on this page. New reports will be added quarterly. If you would prefer to have the EMHS report sent directly to your email or would like to request a hard copy, please email communitybenefit@emh.org.

Below is a compilation of EMHS' year end community benefit reports starting in 2010. If you would like to see earlier reports or are unable to find what you are looking for here, you may also call Kandi Robinson, Senior Project Coordinator, EMHS Community Relations, at 207-973-7051 or email krobinson@emhs.org.

EMHS Community Benefit Reports

FY 2013 EMHS Community Benefit Report

FY 2012 EMHS Community Benefit Report