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Application for Sponsorship

Together We’re Stronger! Through collaborative efforts with local community agencies and fellow not-for-profits, we work toward improving the overall health and wellness of our communities. Understanding the needs of our community through our Community Health Needs Assessment and through targeted interventions, our combined efforts vastly improve our ability to make a difference.
Through our EMHS Community Benefit Program, and our community sponsored support application process, we provide sponsorship opportunities for programs that demonstrate they can meet the health needs of underserved and at-risk community members. Health-related initiatives, programs or services serving vulnerable or underserved populations in the northern, eastern, southern, and central Maine which meet an established community need, and align with the EMHS Community Benefit philosophy, principles and areas of interest may be considered.
ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA – Because EMHS prudently allocates limited funds and resources, funding requests may not exceed $500 annually. To qualify as community benefit, initiatives must respond to an identified community need and must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Improves access to health care services;
  • Enhances population health;
  • Advance increased general knowledge; or
  • Relieves or reduces the burden of government to impose health
In Addition,
  • Non-profit, community, economic, educational, civic, cultural, or community-building endeavors with goals that align with EMHS mission and Community Benefit philosophy, principles and areas of interest.
  • Requests that support documented community needs, and strategies that align with EMHS mission and Community Benefit philosophy, principles and areas of interest.
  • Have a measurable objective that aligns with EMHS mission and Community Benefit philosophy, principles and areas of interest.
  • Do not compete to the detriment of any EMHS members/organizations.
EMHS contributions may include sponsorships, donations, or in-kind donations.  Typically, we do not provide support for the following:
  • Organizations outside of service area in Maine
  • Individuals
  • Individual scholarships or travel-related expenses
  • Religious organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Advertising in yearbooks or sports calendars
  • Labor groups
  • Social clubs
  • Endowments, Annual Funds, or Capital Campaigns
EMHS is now accepting applications for its 2017 Community Benefit Program. The program is EMHS’ commitment to community support and charitable endeavors. It provides support for nonprofit 501(c)3 community groups that improve and strengthen the health and wellness of our community through local health initiatives, or other community-building projects that may include economic, educational, civic, and cultural efforts. Through the program, EMHS seeks to support and collaborate with organizations that share a mission parallel to its own "to care for and serve the people of our community".

APPLICATION ~ Applications for 2017 funding consideration will be accepted until January 20, 2017.
If you missed the application timeframe and would like to be contacted when the 2018 application is made available, please email Marie Stewart-Downing at mestewartdowning@emhs.org.

To apply, please use the fillable form that can be completed and submitted online-see 2017 Application form link at the top of this page. If unable to file electronically, download and print the following PDF application and send it to the address below. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please do not send attachments unless requested at a later date.  Visit the following link to access a copy of our glossary of definitions.

If you have additional questions, please contact Michael Crowley, EMHS Vice President, 973-5056.
Thank you for contacting EMHS. EMHS Community Benefits, 2017 Program, PO Box 931, Bangor, ME  04402-0931